If you are looking to give yourself a pamper session, look no further! Every now and then I like to give my skin some extra care. There have been a ton of sheet masks on the market lately so I thought I would give it a go. Here are my thoughts on a few masks that I have tried out.


There are a variety of eye masks to choose from depending on what you would like to target. I picked up the Green Tea, Rose, and Lotus eye masks, which primarily focus on hydration. They are very soothing and definitely helped with the irritation and dryness I have been experiencing. They stick well to my skin with a good amount of serum left over to pat onto my skin once removed. I am quite pleased with these masks! These would be great to take while travelling, to give your under-eyes a fresh look after a long journey.

PURCHASE: $6 from Sephora



This is a hypoallergenic mask infused with egg white and egg yolk extract to help hydrate and brighten your skin. The sheet formed well to my face and stayed put, making it easy to do other things while I had it on. I left it on for about 20 min, and it felt cool and refreshing the whole time. Once I removed it I found that it left a sticky residue on my skin, which was a bit tacky to the touch. I recommend applying this as the last step before heading to bed, that way you are less likely to touch your face. I was really surprised with how my face felt the next day. It was soft and allowed for a smooth makeup application. I would definitely purchase this again!

PURCHASE: $6 from Sephora



This is a gel mask that claims to firm, tighten, and brighten the skin. During application, the mask formed well to my face but I found myself having to fix the edges, as they would start to peel off. It had a cool, refreshing, and soothing feel for the entire 20 min I left it on. Once I removed it and applied my moisturizer, it left my skin feeling really smooth. I didn’t see any sort of firming or brightening effects. In my experience, it worked as more of a hydrating mask. What I liked most about this mask was the gel texture, which gave me that luxurious spa-like experience.

PURCHASE: $10 from Sephora



This is a hypoallergenic mask that claims to sooth and leave the skin looking hydrated. The mask formed well to my face and stayed put. It had a cool tingly sensation, which was most likely caused by the infused witch hazel. I did find that because I had a few active pimples at the time, it left my skin feeling irritated. I also found that during the 20 min I had it on, it had a tightening effect whilst still providing a hydrating effect, which I quite enjoyed. Overall, I didn’t really find anything special about this product, but it is a nice simple mask for hydrating the face.

PURCHASE: $9 from Sephora


I love applying masks not only to give my skin some extra attention, but because it is very relaxing. You can definitely create your own spa experience at home. So grab a mask, some delicious tea, and unwind with your favourite shows!







I have extremely oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin. I have always had fairly oily skin but it wasn’t until I turned 22 that I noticed mild acne on my cheeks. It was painful and left dark scars on my skin. For someone who went from the occasional pimple to acne, it was quite upsetting. I had to revamp my skincare regime to fit this new skin type and I have finally perfected a routine that works for me. The following products have gotten my skin clear and back on track!


Overview: I have been using this product since high school and it has worked quite well for me. It does a great job of thoroughly cleansing my skin while still being very gentle.

Formulation: This is a non-comedogenic facial cleanser, which keeps those pores free from any sort of blockage. It has grape fruit extract, Vitamin C, and 2% Salicylic Acid; all great ingredients for fighting off acne. I find that a lot of acne products out there with Salicylic Acid can often leave your skin feeling really dry. Fortunately, I have not experienced any dryness with this cleanser. It just leaves my skin feeling nice and clean!

Application: I like to use this with my Sephora Precision Pore Cleansing Pad. I love using this silicone pad because it gives the product a nice lather and works well to gently massage my skin. I put a pump of product onto the pad and work in circular motions around my face. I then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Purchase: $8.96 for 177 mL at Walmart



Overview: This is another drugstore product I have been faithful to for quite some time. It is a good quality, budget friendly product that has worked well for me.

Formulation: This product contains Apricot Extract and 2% Salicylic Acid making it a great product for acne prone skin. Like most scrubs the texture is gritty, but it is gentle and definitely not abrasive. It does a great job at removing all those dead skin cells and leaving your face feeling soft as a baby’s bottom!

Application: I exfoliate my face with this scrub about once or twice a week. I make sure to never over exfoliate my skin, as that can be very damaging. I squeeze out a small amount and massage it into my wet skin using circular motions. I like to let it sit on my skin for about 30 sec or so, until I start to feel a tingling sensation. I then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Purchase: $4.57 for 150 mL at Walmart



Overview: This is an extra step that some like to do, and some don’t. I personally find that using a toner helps to remove that last bit of makeup or residue that my cleanser couldn’t tackle. Adding this specific toner to my regime has helped even out my skin tone, and cut down on the healing time of my scars.

Formulation: This product is formulated with Tamanu oil, White Willow Bark extracts, and Tea Tree oil- the key ingredient. Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial properties that help disinfect and heal, which is great for both active acne and scars. If you have normal to dry skin I would not recommend you use this, as it is a bit drying. This particular toner is targeted more towards oily skin.

Application: I start by shaking the bottle to activate the ingredients. I then use a cotton pad to sweep this across my face and neck. Make sure to use the tiniest amount of product because it will sting! A little is all you need to get the full benefits of this toner. I especially love applying this in the morning because it has a cool, refreshing feel that will wake you right up!

Purchase: $14.00 for 250mL at The Body Shop



Overview: I really have to thank this product for clearing up my skin. It is definitely on the “holy grail” list. I have recommended it to many people because it has worked so well on my skin!

Formulation: This contains 5.5% Benzoyl Peroxide which helps get rid of bacteria as well as exfoliate dead skin cells. It absorbs well into the skin and doesn’t have a drying affect. I have tried other acne treatments, which have caused a lot of peeling and redness. This product is really gentle and is great to keep that mild acne at bay.

Application: I take a pea-sized amount and apply a thin layer all over my face and neck. I like to gently pat it into my skin to make sure it absorbs well. As you apply, be careful not to get this around the eyes, as is it too harsh for such a sensitive area. I would also recommend using this every few days in the beginning, so your skin can slowly get accustomed and not overly irritated.

Purchase: $26.00 for 40 mL at Shoppers Drug Mart



Overview: This is a great basic moisturizer. It is a no muss, no fuss type of product that does the job right. It is inexpensive, you get a ton of product, and it works great!

Formulation: It is important to keep your skin hydrated, especially when using acne treatments. This product is very moisturizing without being heavy or greasy. It absorbs well into my skin and helps lock in moisture. It is also fragrance free and non-comedogenic, making it a well-rounded product especially for those of you with sensitive and oily skin.

Application: I take a generous amount of product, gently pat it into my face, and bring it down to onto my neck. I also apply this around my eyes as it is quite gentle, and I haven’t experienced any sort of irritation.

Purchase: $9.67 for 250mL at Walmart


I hope this helps those of you with a similar skin type. Remember, everyone’s skin is different so what works for me might not work for you. It’s really about experimenting to see what your skin likes, and of course patience! Give the products time to see the effects on you skin. My skin has its ups and downs, and is definitely far from being perfect, but I will continue my skin journey to get it looking the best I can.

PS. I am still on the search for a hydrating eye cream so let me know if anyone has any suggestions!





If you are an oily skinned gal like me then you are probably constantly on the search to find products to keep that oil at bay! I’ve found that including primers into my routine has made a huge difference in the longevity and look of my foundation. The products mentioned below have helped me mattify, minimize the look of pores, and prolong my foundation so that I’m not constantly powdering my face every few hours.


Overview: This product is the holy grail of primers for those of you with extremely oily skin like myself. This keeps my foundation matte for about 8 hours before I start to notice some shine on my T-zone. 8 hours! My foundation practically looks the same as when it was first applied. This is great for events where you want you’re face to look flawless all night long. I love this product, it’s a must have!

Formulation: This is a white balm with a slightly tacky feel to it. It is important to really warm it up between the fingers to get it into a silky consistency before patting it onto the areas of concern. This is what makes it adhere to the skin and allow your foundation to glide on.

Purchase: $18 for 0.4 oz. at Sephora


Overview: This is for those of you that have combination to oily skin. This primer lasts about 5 hours before I see a bit of shine. This is the primer I use on a regular basis when I have more of a lightweight foundation look and don’t necessarily need it to last all day long.

Formulation:  The consistency is similar to the Becca primer though this has a smoother texture. Again, you want to warm this up before patting it into the skin.

Purchase: $19 for 0.5 oz. at Sephora


Overview: This isn’t necessarily targeted as a mattifying primer but it does a great job of minimizing pores. Chances are, if you have oily skin you have huge pores so this works well to conceal them. It also creates a super smooth base for the foundation. I love to layer this over one of the other primers to give my face a flawless look.

Formulation: This is a super lightweight primer with a nice silky consistency. It has a nude colour to it but it pretty much disappears once patted onto the skin, and of course will be covered when your foundation is applied overtop. I love applying this because you can instantly see the blurring affect it gives your skin.

Purchase: $13 for 0.25 oz. at Sephora

I’ve purchased the travel size for all three of these products as a little really does go a long way. You only want to be using a pea-sized amount, which will prime all the major areas of the face. I also haven’t experience any issues with breakouts so these are great for those of you with sensitive skin. Try out these products and let me know if they make a difference with your makeup look, the way it has for me!



I was rummaging through the aisles of Sephora when I came across the Cognac Matte Crème Lip Crayon from Bite Beauty. I didn’t have any similar lip colours and I adore dark lipsticks, so I decided to pick it up. It is a deep brown with reddish undertones. It is definitely a unique lip colour but I think a lot of people can pull it off. It gives off that 90’s vibe and I’m completely obsessed! I wanted to create a brown smouldering eye look to pair with this rich vampy lip. Follow the steps below if you want to learn how to get this delicious chocolatey look!



  1. Prime your eyelids to give the eye shadow a nice base.
  2. Apply a matte brown eye shadow in the crease.
  3. Use a bronze colour and pat all over the lid. Go back into the crease and blend the colours to create a seamless transition.
  4. Draw a line along the lash line and flick out to create a cat eye effect. Apply black eye liner at the upper waterline as well as the lower waterline.
  5. Add a little black eye shadow just at the outer corner of the eyelid to create some depth. Smoke out the bottom waterline with the same matte colour used in the crease.
  6. Apply a soft champagne colour as a highlight under the brow bone. Add your favourite mascara or lashes, and your done!

Use your favourite face products to complete the rest of your makeup. I like to do my eye makeup first so I can touch up the edges using my concealer. Also if there is any fall out from the eye shadow you can simply brush it away. Of course the last step is to apply this chocolatey lip colour. I used Mac’s Chestnut lip liner and then applied the lipstick overtop.

I’ve listed all the products I used below for your reference. Remember, you don’t have to use the exact same products I did. Find similar ones that work for you to recreate this look! Hope you guys enjoyed!


  • Base: Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Crease: Makeup Geek Eye Shadow in Chocoa Bear
  • Lid: Morphe’s 35W Palette Bronze Eye Shadow (4th row, 3rd from the left)
  • Winged Liner: L’oreal Felt Tip Liquid Eye Liner
  • Water line: Maybelline Eye Shadow Stick in Blackmail
  • Outer Corner: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Eye Shadow in Blackout
  • Brow Bone: Mac Global Glow Highlighter
  • Lashes: House of Lashes in Iconic


  • Foundation: Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 173 Amber
  • Concealer: Mac Pro Longwear in NC45
  • Powder: Mac Pressed Powder in Medium Dark
  • Cheek Contour: Mac Blush in Blunt (Matte)
  • Bronzer: Mac Blush in Format
  • Blush: Mac Blush Plum Foolery
  • Highlight: Mac Global Glow



Nothing says Merry Christmas like a set of amazing masks! This value set would be the absolute perfect gift for all those skin care junkies out there. You can grab this set at Sephora for $76 ($130 value). It is definitely a splurge, but it is worth every single penny. These are luxury masks great for special events or for those days where you want to give your skin a nice little treat. Keep on reading to find out why you need these in your life this holiday season!

  1. THIRSTYMUD- Hydrating Treatment

Overview: This is the perfect mask to achieve that flawless JLo glow. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want that dewy, glowing skin that JLo seems to effortlessly rock. This mask provides deep hydration and locks in moisture to really plump up and hydrate your skin. This is definitely a must have, especially for the dry winter months.

Formulation: This smells absolutely divine! It has traces of coconut and honey, and just smells like a sweet treat! It has a smooth silky texture and glides right onto the skin.

Application: Apply this all over your face for about 15-20 min then rinse off with warm water. Personally, my favourite method is to leave this on overnight, and seriously guys, you will wake up with the most hydrated and glowing skin.

Packaging: You get the full-sized container containing 1.7 oz. A little goes a long way and this will last you forever!

  1. SUPERMUD- Clearing Treatment

Overview: This would have to be my favourite of all the masks, achieving that “holy grail” status. It works wonders on your skin with one application. It goes deep within your pores to draw out all that gunk, leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth. What I love about this mask is that you can actually see it working right before your eyes! My skin is left feeling super clean and smooth every single time!

Formulation: It contains Activated-X Charcoal, which extracts the oil and dirt clogged deep within your pores. As the mask dry’s, you will notice little dots where this extraction process is happening. It is both exciting and slightly disgusting to see. This mask has a fresh minty scent, which adds to that clean and fresh feeling. In terms of texture, it is slightly grainy containing traces of eucalyptus leaf, but still glides on quite nice.

Application: Apply a thin layer all over your face for about 15-20 min, or until hardened, then rinse off with warm water. You can even apply this to blemishes as a spot treatment. This mask followed by the hydrating treatment is pure gold!

Packaging: You get the mini sized container containing 0.5 oz. Again, a little goes a long way.

  1. YOUTHMUD- Exfoliating treatment

Overview: This mask is great for removing all those dead skin cells and softening the texture of your skin. I have to say; I don’t like this mask as much as the others. My skin is quite sensitive and I felt that this was a little too harsh for my skin. However, it is still a great exfoliating treatment that will suit normal skin types.

Formulation: Like the other masks, this too, smells fantastic! It literally smells like green tea, which I enjoy. I’m not a huge fan of the texture as it quite chunky making it hard to evenly apply over the skin.

Application: Apply a thin layer all over your face for about 10 min then rinse off with warm water. You will experience a slight tingling sensation with this mask. 

Packaging: You get the mini sized container containing 0.5 oz. As I said before, a little goes a long way!

You can purchase this gift set or the full-sized individual masks at Sephora. If you are picking this up for your self, I would suggest going to your local Sephora and getting a sample of these masks to try out before you take the plunge, as it is quite pricey. Whether this is a gift for yourself or a loved one, it is surely a glamorous treat anyone would love to have! Hopefully this helps some of you narrow down your holiday list. Happy shopping!