I have made it my mission this year to eat a healthy breakfast to start my day. Mornings can be quite a rush, so making something fast and filling is ideal. I like to grab my whole grain bread, toast it up, and top it off with various ingredients to create a healthy and quick breakfast. These are my go-to breakfast toasts for those busy mornings!


I absolutely love avocados! It wakes me up and is a delicious fresh start to my day. I take a ripe avocado, smash it up with a fork, and spread across the toast. I then top it off with salt, pepper, and red chili flakes to give it a kick. Trust me when I say this is a vibrant way to start off your day!


Peanut butter and bananas are a match made in heaven! It is the prefect combination to give you that extra skip in your step those early morning days. I like to use crunchy peanut butter for some texture, sliced bananas, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. This breakfast toast doubles as a dessert for those of you with a sweet tooth.


This is packed with a bunch of healthy and delicious ingredients. I like to use Greek yogurt for my base, followed by any berries that I can find at the grocery store. I then sprinkle some walnuts for some texture and top it all off with honey for that little bit of sweetness. This is super filing and keeps my hunger at bay until lunchtime!

The great thing about these recipes is that you can add any toppings you like to create something that works for you! I usually like to add eggs to my avocado toast when I have more time on the weekends or use different types of fruits and nuts to change it up. The possibilities are endless and quite delicious. Try these breakfast toast ideas and let me know if they liven up your mornings! Enjoy!



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Before heading to bed, I have made it my mission to jot down some thoughts in a journal. I use it as a way to reflect, keep positive, and to set goals. It has been a great way for me to calm my mind and body before ending the day off. I have been enjoying doing this, and figured I would share my views on this process. I highly recommend it!


I really wanted to challenge myself to try new things in the upcoming year. I find by writing my goals down on paper, it helps me picture them. It allows me to visualize the development and growth I want for myself. Also, who doesn’t love crossing things off your list? You feel accomplished, and it is highly satisfying!


Writing is a great outlet to get things off your chest. It can be a comforting and calming activity to do after you’ve had a long day. Take everything that is jumbled up in your head and write it down; personally it gives me a sense of clarity. It feels like taking a nice deep breath; in with the positivity, out with the negativity.


In high school, my friends and I actually had a “black book” where we took turns writing down and drawing – funny things that happened that day, our goals, our crushes, and so on. Reading that back today as an adult, is simply hilarious!  It’s just great to see the way our minds worked at that age. We all have the absolute best time reading through and reminiscing those days. It’s honestly great to see your progression and how far you’ve come. Besides, who know knows, you could be super famous one day and need to write an autobiography. This would come in handy!


I feel most people are good at sending out positive vibes to the important people in their lives. However, you often forget that you too are important! Remind yourself of how awesome you are, and that you have the will to achieve anything you set your mind to. I try to end each entry on a positive note, whether it’s something I am proud of doing that day, or even a simple “You go girl, you can do it!” Being positive and spreading that self-love is key!


A journal is not meant to be a daunting task so don’t think you have to force your self to write in it every day. You can simply jot down your thoughts whenever you feel like it. Your entries can be as long or as short as you like; it’s really up to you! So pick a cute journal, grab a pen, and start writing!