pinecone garland 02
This is an easy, 2-step DIY project to add some Christmas flair to your home. You can use as many pinecones as you want to create the look you desire; it’s really up to you! It’s great to decorate the tree with, or any part of your home this holiday season. It’s also a great transition piece to use in both fall and winter.


– Pinecones
– Twine
– Burlap

pinecone garland 01


  1. Wrap the twine and knot it around the base of each pinecone, leaving gaps of twine in-between.
  2. Tie pieces of burlap in-between the pinecones.

This is super easy and takes no time at all! This DIY project is especially great for kids. You can get the kids to go out, collect some pinecones, and start crafting! It can be a fun activity for the whole family, and a great way to add that personal touch to your holiday decor.


wreath picA wreath is a great decorative item to add to the front of your house for the different seasons. I love the rustic yet vibrant feel of fall and I wanted to create something that would embody that. Here is a quick DIY project for you to get creative this fall!


– Wooden wreath

– Various flowers / sprigs

– Burlap Ribbon

– Glue gun

– Wire cutter

– Scissors

Fall wreath


  1. Take the burlap ribbon and wrap it around the wreath leaving wide gaps so the wreath still shows through. You can use any ribbon of your liking but I chose to go with burlap because I like the rustic look it gives.
  1. Take the flowers off of the stems or cut them into pieces so you can stick them onto the wreath.
  1. Arrange the flowers to your liking. You can get really creative with this part. I chose to put majority of the flowers towards the bottom of the wreath and then tucked in the sprigs around the rest. You can stick the flowers right into the wreath and glue them down if needed.

This wreath took me about 20 minutes to make and it cost under $20! It is a fast and inexpensive DIY project that will definitely get all your guests asking where you got it! What’s great about this DIY project is that you can always reuse the original wooden wreath and decorate it for the changing seasons. Get creative and let me know how your wreath turns out!