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I’ve recently found myself exploring the world of cocktails. Aside from mixing rum and coke, I for one really had no idea what the art of mixology was really about. I know we all love chugging down our hard liquor but why not pair it with different ingredients to create a flavourful composition. Thanks to cocktail connoisseur and founder of Cocktail Crate Alex Abbott Boyd, I’ve gotten a real sense of the culinary expertise and creativity that goes into making a cocktail. Cocktails take you through a stimulating journey of taste and texture by adding fresh and flavourful ingredients to alcohol.

Now this all sounds great, but how does one make these carefully executed drinks? The beauty of Cocktail Crate is that it offers ready-made mixers for you to create professional cocktails right at home! You can now dazzle your friends and family with your suave bartending abilities using these flavourful mixers. Hopefully this review entices you to journey through the world of cocktails!

OVERVIEW: Cocktail Crate offers handmade mixers with local and fresh ingredients. These mixers are great because the hard part is essentially done for you. All you have to do is mix it with your favourite alcohol and voila- you have professional great tasting cocktails made right at home! What I really love about this company is that you can tell that there is passion put into the creation of their products, which definitely comes through with the well-executed mixers.

PACKAGING: I absolutely love the packaging! It has a rustic but streamline look to it; very simple but super effective. The back of the package actually gives you a little recipe with a list of the different alcohols that the mixer will pair well with, which I thought was a nice touch.

TASTE: I received the Ginger Bee mixer to try first. Naturally, I picked up Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum to see how it would pair with this mixer, rather than the usual coke I tend to go with. I have to say it was absolutely lovely! The flavours worked really well together with the rum and took it to another level. You can really taste the sweetness of honey and hints of ginger that were added in the mixer. This would be something I would surely make for my guests!

PURCHASE: You can order these mixers online at www.cocktailcrate.com for $12. You can also pick these up at specific food festivals. Check out Cocktail Crates Facebook page to see where they will be selling. It really is great quality for an inexpensive price!

Definitely check out the website to learn more about Cocktail Crate. Read up on Alex and his journey, and check out the different recipes they offer as well. While you’re there don’t forget to pick up some mixers for yourself! Happy drinking!