wreath picA wreath is a great decorative item to add to the front of your house for the different seasons. I love the rustic yet vibrant feel of fall and I wanted to create something that would embody that. Here is a quick DIY project for you to get creative this fall!


– Wooden wreath

– Various flowers / sprigs

– Burlap Ribbon

– Glue gun

– Wire cutter

– Scissors

Fall wreath


  1. Take the burlap ribbon and wrap it around the wreath leaving wide gaps so the wreath still shows through. You can use any ribbon of your liking but I chose to go with burlap because I like the rustic look it gives.
  1. Take the flowers off of the stems or cut them into pieces so you can stick them onto the wreath.
  1. Arrange the flowers to your liking. You can get really creative with this part. I chose to put majority of the flowers towards the bottom of the wreath and then tucked in the sprigs around the rest. You can stick the flowers right into the wreath and glue them down if needed.

This wreath took me about 20 minutes to make and it cost under $20! It is a fast and inexpensive DIY project that will definitely get all your guests asking where you got it! What’s great about this DIY project is that you can always reuse the original wooden wreath and decorate it for the changing seasons. Get creative and let me know how your wreath turns out!


diy brush holder02

If any of you buy candles then you know that at the end of your candle’s life, you’ll be left with a glass jar filled with about 1/2” of wax that can’t be lit anymore. Instead of throwing the jar away, why not repurpose it to make something new! These jars are perfect to use for any kind of storage and you can even customize it with different designs to match your décor. Follow these steps to find out how to get that left over wax out and reuse the jars!


– Candle (3 wick candle from bath and body works)

– Pot

– Water

– Rubbing Alcohol

– Filling


  1. Fill a pot with water.
  2. Once the water has boiled, place the bottom portion of the candle jar in the water and swirl around to loosen the wax around the edges.
  3. The wax will slowly start to lift off the bottom and will slip right out! Remove the wax and wicks, and place on a paper towel to cool down before disposal. Be careful because it will be hot!
  4. Wipe the jar with rubbing alcohol to take off any remaining gunk. Go over it with Windex to really get that glass to sparkle!
  5. Fill about 2/3 of the jar with a filling of your choice. I usually opt for clear beads because I like more of a minimalist look, but you can go with what ever suits your needs. Then stick in your brushes and you’re good to go!

There you have it; an easy way to repurpose those candle jars you have lying around. I also use these jars to store cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc. They are great for all kinds of storage! You can always add details to the jar itself to make it a little more creative, or keep it as is for a simple clean look! Hope you enjoyed!


Wrapping presents has to be one of my absolute favourite things to do during the holiday season. I love adding little details to make an otherwise boring wrapping job, into something festive and beautiful. Be a pro this Christmas with these quick and simple DIY techniques to turn your ordinary wrapping into extraordinary wrapping!


Adding ornaments is a quick and creative way to enhance the look of your presents. Not only does it add that extra flare, but it also doubles as an additional ornament to hang on the tree. It’s like a mini surprise gift that comes along with the present!

Ornament Wrapping_01
1. I used this gorgeous wrapping paper and paired it with felt ribbon and a felt Poinsettia ornament. 2. Tie the ribbon around the gift and make a knot. 3. Pin on your ornament and voila!


Ornament Wrapping_02
1. I used simple craft paper and paired it with red wire ribbon and a red snowflake ornament. 2. Take your ribbon and wrap it to back of your present. Use tape to secure the end. 3. Stick on your ornament and you’re good to go!

Taking something that already looks quite nice and adding subtle details is what will make your wrapping stand out from the rest. I find that incorporating little embellishments really helps to bring the whole look together. Again, these pieces can be incorporated into any holiday decor afterwards.

1. I choose to jazz up the craft paper with twine, burlap and a faux pine and berry spray. 2. Wrap your burlap strip to the back of the present and secure with tape. Take your twine and wrap it around to the front, ending it off with a bow. 3. Now just tuck in the greenery behind the bow, and you get this simple rustic look. Super cute!


1. To spruce up this present I added red felt ribbon and a golden glittery stem. 2. Wrap your ribbon to the front of the package, keeping the the right end shorter. Then take the right side piece and bring it up, while taking the left side and brining it down. 3. Take the longer end which is now at the bottom, and wrap it up and around to meet in the middle. 4. Tie a simple bow and cut the ends to give it that finished look. 5. Cut your stems and tuck them into the knotted part of the bow. There you have it! This is an elegant look that will surely impress your friends.


  1. BOWS

One can never go wrong with a bow! Yes, you can totally buy those pre-made bows and slap it onto your presents, but why not go one step further and make your own. It really is quite simple and I guarantee you’ll have the best looking present!

1. All you need for this one is tulle. Cut your tulle into long strips and bunch them together. 2. Tie the tulle around the gift and make a knot. 3. Take your ends and tie a bow. 4. Cut the “bunny ear” potions of the bow in half and fan the pieces out. Give the bow a little trim until you’ve reached your desired look. This is a super easy bow to add a playful element to your present!


1. For the classic bow, all you need is some wired ribbon! 2. Take your ribbon and wrap it around your gift to meet in the middle, as previously shown. 3. For the bow, take one end of the ribbon and make a loop. 4. Twist the ribbon at the centre so the longer end is now “backwards”. 5. Make a loop and bring it towards the middle. 6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 as many times as you want. Twist and loop, twist and loop. Make sure the loops get bigger and bigger as you go along. The key is to keep the middle pinched together so it doesn’t unravel. 7. Take a strip of ribbon and carefully tie a knot around the centre of your bow. 8. Tie this to the ribbon on your present and fluff it up until you have your desired look!


Hope you guys enjoyed these simple techniques that will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face. I find that people really do enjoy receiving gifts that have that extra little love and care put into them. I know I do! So dazzle your friends with your DIY skills and get started on wrapping those presents! Happy wrapping!