Fall flower monogram_02I don’t know about you, but I love to add decorative pieces to my house to transition into the different seasons. Adding some seasonal colours, textures, scents, etc. can really transform your home without having to break the bank. This vibrant flower monogram is the perfect DIY project to add a touch of fall to your home.


– Cardboard

– Various flowers

– Twine

– Glue gun

– Scissors

Fall Flower Monogram


  1. Cut your cardboard out into the desired letter or shape. I went with the letter A for Anitha! I also decided to make it a block letter so I will have a lot of surface area to fill with flowers.
  1. Take your twine and cut it to the length you want to it to be hung from. Poke two holes at the top and string through to make a loop.
  1. Remove the flowers from the steams. Cut the ends to be flat so it will be easy to glue onto the cardboard.
  1. Arrange the flowers onto your cutout. There really is no specific way to do this. Just play around with it until you get the look you want and glue them into place!

This is a super easy art project that will liven up your place for fall. You can hang it in your room, use it as a wreath for the front door, etc. Either way, it is a great piece of décor to add to your home!

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