Now I’m sure we all remember those days where you got a tad bit carried away with plucking and were left with half a weirdly shaped brow. Let’s avoid repeating those horrifying mistakes and get this right! Here are a few things to keep in mind when grooming your brows.


Everyone has a different eyebrow shape. They can be arched, angular, straight, long, short, etc. What ever shape you may have, be confident and rock it! I would recommend keeping the natural shape of your brows and just cleaning it up to make it more defined. Besides, you can always use make up to sculpt and add depth later on.


You can wax, thread, or pluck your eyebrows. Personally I find that threading has the best results. It has great precision and gives you the cleanest look. It can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but like any other hair removal technique, you get used to it over time. There is a little redness afterwards but that will quickly disappear in a matter of minutes.

There are a bunch of places to get your eyebrows threaded in Scarborough for extremely low prices. I specifically go to Laddi’s Beauty Parlour located at 5200 Finch Avenue East. It’s only $3 and the ladies do a wonderful job! Definitely check this place out – it’s one of the best!


I thread my eyebrows once every 4-6 weeks. Between threading, I pluck them with a tweezer to prevent them from getting too unruly. I only pluck the bottom of the brow to keep it looking as clean as I can. I never, I repeat never touch the top of the brow because it can go horribly wrong. One pull in the wrong place and you’ll end up with a bald spot that will take forever to grow back (trust me I’ve learned). I leave that part up to the professionals to thread for me.

Shaped eyebrows can transform your whole look. Clean and defined brows not only frame the eyes but it really opens up the face, giving you an instant brightening effect. I’ve definitely had those times where I’ve gone months without doing my brows and when I finally get to it, I come out looking fresh and awake. It really does make a huge difference!

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